If you’re heading through New Parks in Leicester anytime soon, and pass Western Fire and Rescue Station, you’ll find some impressive new street art outside the station.

But it isn’t all for fun. Firefighters have created their own graffiti street art in an attempt to highlight the Fatal Four to young drivers in the New Park area. Richard Curtis and Ainsley Burton from Western Fire and Rescue Station’s White Watch have used wooden boards to create their graffiti street art as a unique way to spread positive key safety messages to the local community.

Armed with their spray paint cans and the boards, Richard and Ainsley set about crafting a piece of street art to promote the Service’s Fatal Four safety message, which is important and relevant for drivers of all ages, but especially for younger drivers.

The Fatal Four is a road safety campaign, highlighting the four biggest dangers whilst driving; drink and drugs, using mobile phones, speeding and not wearing seatbelts. This message is delivered to young drivers across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland using the VF4 car, a car-crash simulator, and the Fatal Four website (www.thefatalfour.co.uk.) The website is designed for educators and offers a unique range of resources, hard-hitting videos, free of charge, in an attempt to reduce the high number of fatalities on our roads involving young drivers.

Western Fire and Rescue Station is based in the heart of New Parks, on Aikman Avenue, and visible to the busy New Parks Way. The new boards will capture the attention of passers-by to emphasise the important Fatal Four message. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service attended 638 road traffic collisions in 2012/13, an increase on the previous year.

Andy Galway, Station Manager at Western Fire and Rescue Station, said: “These boards are not only brilliantly created but also carry an important message. We want to reduce the number of young drivers who die on our roads each year from drink and drugs, using their mobile phone, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.”

The boards can and will be changed in the future, along with its key messages, to fit in with key messages that the Service wants to spread around the local community. Another board is planned at the station for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s very own street artists to promote more awareness campaigns.

For more information on the Fatal Four and VF4 car, see www.thefatalfour.co.uk and https://leics-fire.gov.uk/your-safety/road-safety/vf4/home