Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service provides much more than emergency response to fires. Our crews are also highly trained in extrication from road traffic collisions and our Technical Rescue crew is trained in all aspects of rescue work. Having these skills within the Service has enabled us to protect our communities, helping keep everyone safe.

A prime example of our range of work can be seen in a call we received recently, asking for us to attend an incident in the Belgrave Road area. A fire appliance from Eastern Fire and Rescue Station attended the incident and on arrival couldn’t see what it was all about. It soon became apparent that a person was hanging on to one of the supporting stanchions for the Ferris wheel, approximately 8 metres up. One of the firefighters attempted to make contact but the casualty failed to respond. It was noticed that the casualty was shaking and their foot kept slipping from a peg it was resting on – it looked like the casualty was in imminent danger of falling which the crew did not want to happen.

Due to the situation the crew was in, they had to do something quickly, making sure it was effective as they didn’t want the casualty to fall and injure themselves. They tried their utmost to get to the casualty to secure them, using a ladder, whilst they called for assistance from the Area Ladder Platform (ALP) appliance. After a number of minutes the crew managed to do this safely, putting their mind at ease as they knew the casualty wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Soon after, the ALP appliance had arrived and got to work very quickly, understanding the nature and danger of the predicament the crew was in. With the cage in place, FF Smith & FF Tennant (Cage Operator) managed to get the casualty in the cage safely, along with FF Smith who also climbed in.

When back on safe ground it became apparent that the casualty was on prescription drugs, had been drinking heavily and wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Due to there being no ambulances available and the casualty being in the care of the Service, the crew took them to the hospital so they could be checked over to make sure they were ok.

This was a real team effort by the Eastern and ALP crew (Eastern crew consisted of FF Kisby, FF Freeman, FF Espin & FF Smith and the ALP crew was FF Tennant & FF Gear), in particular FF Smith who showed bravery with his immediate action (whilst not being secured) of holding on to the casualty, preventing the situation to escalate.

This incident shows the #LFRSFamily work ethic, highlighting teamwork is key in all fire and rescue scenarios. Our Service will always do its utmost to protect our communities, whether this is rescuing casualties from a fire, attending a road traffic collision, rescuing a casualty from a dangerous situation or assist them in any way possible.