The response of the emergency services and medical staff at Leicester Royal Infirmary to the explosion in Hinckley Road has been praised by the Prime Minister and fellow MPs.

The House of Commons has joined forces in sending its condolences to the families of those known to be missing and are feared dead.

The tributes began with the leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corby, who said that he hoped that all politicians would “join me in passing our deepest condolences to the families of those injured and who died in the explosion in Leicester.”

He added: “Could we say thank you to all the emergency services and hospital staff who worked to save lives in that terrible situation.

The Prime Minster responded: “Can I first of all say to the right honourable gentleman that I join him, and I’m sure the whole house, in expressing our condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in the explosion in Leicester, and I also agree with him that we should commend the actions and the work of the emergency services who day in, day out, do so much for all of us, but in circumstances like that really showed the great job that they do in dealing with that issue. “

Liz Kendall MP, in whose constituency the explosion happened, told the House that the explosion had been “a terrible shock” to the local community.

She added: “I know all of our thoughts are with families and friends of those who tragically lost their lives and those that have been injured.

“I thank the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition for praising our incredible emergency services, who are continuing to work in extremely difficult circumstances. “

She also invited the PM to pay tribute to our local residents, whom she said had “pulled together to support one another, showing great strength and courage”.

The PM replied: “I am very happy to pay tribute to local residents who have shown that, I think, the real value of community in the way they have come together on this and I assure her everything will be done to get to the bottom of why this happened and to ensure, as far as possible, depending on the cause, that it would not happen to anybody again.”

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