It’s ‘Back to the Floor’ for Senior Management Team

Yesterday (Tuesday 17 September), we held our first ‘Back to the Floor’ day with a member from our Senior Management Team.

‘Back to the Floor’ days are for members of our Senior Management Team, who spend a full shift at a fire and rescue station, joining a watch and taking part in their daily activities and responding to emergency calls when they come in. 

First to take part was, Area Manager Mick Grewcock. Mick, who has been a firefighter since 1993, and member of the Senior Management Team for almost three years, normally works in Service Assurance at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Birstall.

Here’s how he got on during his first ‘Back to the Floor’ day:

Having got up early, the first job of the day was a quick cuppa before heading to Central Fire and Rescue Station, in Leicester city.

Joining White Watch, at 0700 hours, 12 seconds into the shift and one fire appliance responded to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service attending to someone who had fallen. Mick was crewing the other fire engine so did not respond, instead it was onto kit checks, making sure the equipment was ready for the next call.

This was followed by a morning briefing and details of what was planned for the day ahead.

A change of scenery from the usual office, it was back to the drill yard for fitness training. Fitness forms a big part of a firefighter’s day, making sure fitness levels are maintained so firefighters are ready to respond.

Another part to a firefighter’s role is gathering information to help fight fires when they happen, so familiarisation of the city’s high-rise buildings and the information wall plates was the next job of the day.

Next, it was a chat with White Watch about what the Service plans to do for the next three years and asking for public to have their say on the Integrated Risk Management Plan (

A quick lunch with the crews and that was half the shift almost done, and a chance to see all the community safety work that goes on.

Next, it was a collaboration with Birstall Fire and Rescue Station and businesses to ensure plans are accurate and everyone is working together to help create safer people, safer places.

At this point, still no emergency calls taken by Fire Control for the fire engine Mick was crewing.

By this time, it was nearly home time for many, but not for White Watch, they still had a few hours left of the shift. A quick tea break and then back to the fire engine for more training. This time it was pumping using portable pumps and hoses.

Just as the shift was nearly over, a call came in – leaves on fire in Leicester. This saw one appliance from Central Fire and Rescue Station attend (but not the one that Mick was crewing!) and brought an end to the day for White Watch. As White Watch prepared to go home, it’s Red Watch who took over for the night shift.

After a full day of going back to the floor, it’s back to the office today for meetings, and to catch up with phone calls and emails!

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