You’ve passed the six stages of the recruitment process and now training starts – here is what to expect!

Training as a firefighter takes about ten to twelve weeks on an intensive course held at a specially equipped external training centre. Here you will gain knowledge, skills, understanding and techniques on a range of subjects:

  • Basic firefighting skills and equipment (hose, ladders, pumps)
  • Breathing apparatus and fire behaviour
  • Road traffic collision skills; first aid; building construction
  • Specialist Subject areas – electricity, hydraulics and basic science.

The training course will involve study both in the training centre and at home in the evenings and weekends. You’ll be assessed along the way to monitor your progress. The course will be residential, potentially from Monday to Friday with the expectation that most students will travel to the training centre on a Sunday evening. When you’ve successfully passed your training, you’ll be allocated to a fire station within Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland. You’ll work a shift system dependant upon the shift system in use at the station to which you are posted either day crewing, day crewing plus or 2-2-4 shifts. You’ll be on probation for nine months and your performance will be continuously assessed.

Training will be an ongoing process throughout your career as a firefighter and you will be expected to participate in all relevant training and contribute to your own development. We want to make sure that you can safely handle the ever-changing demands and hazards you might face in your job.