Time Incident Posted: 00:02

Incident Date: 19/09/2019

Incident Location: Incident Location: Fleet House, Lee Circle, Leicester

Incident Number: 14657

Incident Type: Building Fire Persons Reported

Initial Emergency Call Received: 00:02

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 2 x appliances from Central, 1 x appliance from Eastern, 2 x appliances from Wigston, 1 x appliance from Birstall, 1 x appliance from Western, 1 x appliance from Kibworth, 1 x appliance from Southern, 1 x appliance from Loughborough, 1 x appliance from Coalville, 1 x appliance from Uppingham

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident:

Time Incident Closed:


Believed Cause:

Initial Information: Several reports of building involved in Fire.

Updated Incident Information: Initial crews sent and once in attendance Assistance Message received make pumps 5 - persons reported.
00:27 - Assistance Message Make pumps 7
00:47 - Building involved measuring 50 x 30 metres, building is 3 floors high + basement, 8 BA in use, 3 Hose Reel Jets and 2 main jets in use.
00:54 - Make Pumps 9 for breathing apparatus
02:01 - derelict building involved, fire located in basement. 6 BA, 3 Hose reels and 3 main jets in use. Incident has been sectorised. Incident is still persons reported and a search if the building is being carried out to check for further seats of fire. Meeting taking place with other agencies to discuss.
02:33 - fire in basement now extinguished. A systematic search of all floors will be undertaken to confirm no further locations of fire and no persons inside. 4 BA, 3 hose reels and 3 main jets still in use.
A building inspector has attended and confirmed property is structurally safe.
06:00 hrs - Fire Service are still on scene, incident is still being treated as persons reported and a total of 4 people have been led to safety - all safe and well. Further search and rescue operations taking place and incident is remaining open for Fire Investigation during daylight hours.

Public Statement Issued:


Please note that Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service warrants that the information provided is believed accurate as at the date and time of publishing, this includes an indication of the nature of the incident, the cause motive and basic cause description. The Service reserves the right after that date to change, at its absolute discretion, the information provided in any way it chooses including but not limited to deletion and addition without further notice to you.