Time Incident Posted: 03:45

Incident Date: 29/09/2016

Incident Location: Incident Location: Navigation Way, off Belton Road, Loughborough

Incident Number: 14281

Incident Type: Building Fire (initial call was to a car fire)

Initial Emergency Call Received: 02:56

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 2 appliances from Loughborough

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident:

Time Incident Closed:

Damage: Severe by fire to electrical unit and building, severe fire damage to one car, severe heat damage to another car and moderate heat damage to a further three cars.

Believed Cause: Believed Electrical Fault within car valeting unit.

Initial Information: Message Entry 1 and time: Assistance Message – 03:07

Assistance Message – Make Pumps 2 – confirmed building fire.

Message Entry 2 and time: Informative Message – 03:25

Informative Message – Entry has been gained to property involved in fire and also attempting to gain access to surrounding properties. 2 BA and 1 Hose Reel in use.

Message Entry 3 and time: Informative Message – 03:36

Informative Message – 1 single storey building consisting of sandwich panels, measuring 10 M x 8 M, building is used for valeting purposes, 2 BA wearers and 1 Hose Reel Jet and 1 Main Jet for covering purposes in use, Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan also in use.

Time of Stop: 03:50

Stop Message – Fire is now extinguished and electrics have been isolated, liaising with responsible person, 2 BA, 1 hose reel jet and 1 Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan in use.

Message Entry 3 and time: Assistance Message – 04:05

Request attendance of Western Power Distribution to isolate electricity supply to building.

Updated Incident Information: Message Entry 3 and time: Further Informative Message – 04:49

Further Informative Message – Electricity Board in attendance liaising with crews.

Public Statement Issued:


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