Time Incident Posted: 11:08

Incident Date: 21/03/2017

Incident Location: Incident Location: Ravensbridge drive

Incident Number: 4119

Incident Type: Electrical sub station fire

Initial Emergency Call Received: 10:43

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 2 appliances from central fire station, 1 from western station and the Incident Support Unit from Uppingham station, and the water carrier from Loughborough fire station, and the welfare unit from Kibworth fire station.

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident:

Time Incident Closed:


Believed Cause:

Initial Information: multiple calls recieved to reports of an electrical sub station involved with several explosions heard

Updated Incident Information: 11:16 1 high voltage electrical sub station heavily involved in fire following explosion. covering jets laid out to protect surrounding buildings. liaising with police to contact neighbouring properties. residents advised to keep windows closed due to smoke. Liaising with senior western power engineer who is on site, he cannot confirm the power has been isolated.
11:38 awaiting isolation of transformer. an aqueous film forming jet is being laid out to fight the fire once the permit to work has been received from western power, this will be once the transformer has been isolated.
the transformer contains 8815 litres of oil which is being allowed to burn off. 1 building adjacent to the transformer being cooled with a covering jet. police are continuing to advise local homes and businesses to keep doors and windows closed.

11:56 Request the attendance of the water carrier and also request a water pressure boost in the area.
12:52 a multi agency briefing has taken place and incident priorities have been identified. western power have now issued a safe to work permit as all power has now been isolated to the transformers. Incident has been sectorised. aqueous film forming foam line is being put in place prior to commencement of fire fighting. 1 compressed air foam system jet in use to protect nearby building from radiated heat. oil involved in fire has been confirmed as 8500 gallons.
police assisting with cordons and evacuations as necessary.
13:05 water boost is now in the process of taking place.
Request the attendance of the Welfare unit
13:35 fire fighting has now commenced. 4 breathing apparatus consisting of 2 teams of 2. each team is equipped with 1 foam making branch. during this advice is continually being sought from western power.
further updates to follow
14:50 - Fire has been reduced, BA teams withdrawn to allow metalwork to cool.
16:15 - Crews making up equipment, appliances being released. Incident will be re inspected by fire crews tonight and tomorrow.
17:45 - Crews reinspected site, 1 compressed air foam system was used to cool down any hot spots. Further inspection by fire service tonight.
20:00 - re-inspection found three transformer cones which were previously involved in fire are reigniting and smouldering, one appliance from central station in attendance and compressed air foam system jet in use.
20:55 - Damping down of Transformer in progress
21:08 - Damping down of smouldering transformer complete and all equipment being made up. Fire Service will reinspect again tonight.

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