Time Incident Posted: 20:55

Incident Date: 02/11/2016

Incident Location: Incident Location: A5 Watling Street, Burbage (Smockington)

Incident Number: 16196

Incident Type: Plastics Fire

Initial Emergency Call Received: 19:48

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 2 x appliances from Hinckley, 1 x appliance from Western Fire Station, 1 x Appliance from Nuneaton and 1 x WaterCarrier from Lutterworth

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident: WM Moore

Time Incident Closed:

Damage: 75 tonnes of recyclable plastics damaged by fire

Believed Cause: Stray firework

Initial Information: Calls from several passers by to reports of a possible building fire at a plastics recycling centre.

Updated Incident Information: 20:21 - Informative message - Approximately 75 tonnes of plastic recycling bottles involved in fire, 1 jet in use, light portable pump being got to work using underground tank situated on site.
20:41 - Assistance Message - Make watercarriers one.
20:49 - Informative message - Approximately 75 tonnes of plastic bottles involved in fire, 2 x Compressed air foam system jets and 1 main jet in use, Light Portable Pump in use. Explosions are believed to be aerosol cans which are inside the pile of plastic bottles, 2 Breathing Apparatus in use working in the open.
20:50 - Owner of property now in attendance.
21:17 - Fire crews still extinguishing 75 tonnes of plastic bottles , 1 compressed air foam jet in use, 1 main jet working from light portable pump in use, 2 breathing apparatus working in the open, onsite JCB in operation to assist with dragging out.
21:49 - Informative Message - Approximately 75 tonnes of plastic involved in fire, turning over and damping down in progress, 1 compressed air foam system jet in use, breathing apparatus now withdrawn.
22:35 - Stop message - one compressed air foam system jet and on site machinery still in use to damp down and turn over, light portable pump no longer in use. Fire is believed to have been caused by a stray firework as confirmed by on site CCTV.
23:36 - fire believed extinguished, turning over and damping down, one compressed air foam jet in use.
00:31 - Incident to remain open for reinspection at approx 14:00 hrs.

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