Time Incident Posted: 15:28

Incident Date: 05/03/2017

Incident Location: Main street, Shawell

Incident Number: 3287

Incident Type: Horse stuck in mud

Initial Emergency Call Received: 14:49

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 2 appliances and Technical rescue

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident: Watch Manager

Time Incident Closed: Stop message received at 16:58


Believed Cause:

Initial Information: Emergency call received to a horse who stuck in the mud, caller stated that the horse was laying on the mud however unable to stand due to poor surface condition.

Updated Incident Information: Informative message - 15:10 - 1 horse unable to stand up in thick mud, vet has been requested by farmer and is currently en-route. crews attempting to ease access to horse awaiting arrival of technical rescue team.

15:35 - A plan has now been created for assisting Horse, strops are currently in use, around the animal to assist with rescue. safe access and egress has been established using wooden boards and hay bales.

16:02 - Initial attempt to get horse to its feet has failed, horse has been administered pain relief by on scene vet, horse will be sedated and moved by hand to firmer surface to assist horse to stand.

16:25 - Horse has been released from paddock by safely sliding it on its side to more stable ground, a lifting bar is being fitted to a JCB and strops, attempt will then be made to lift horse to its feet.

16:46 horse has been lifted into a standing position by JCB and is being assisted to stand by the fire service. crews waiting for sedation to wear off before strops are removed

16:58 horse is now on its feet and has walked unassisted to the stable. equipment is being made up and cleaned.

16:45 - Horse has now been lifted into a standing position by JCB and is being assisted to stand by Fire Service crews. Crews awaiting sedation to wear off before safety strops are removed from Horse.

Public Statement Issued:


Please note that Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service warrants that the information provided is believed accurate as at the date and time of publishing, this includes an indication of the nature of the incident, the cause motive and basic cause description. The Service reserves the right after that date to change, at its absolute discretion, the information provided in any way it chooses including but not limited to deletion and addition without further notice to you.