Time Incident Posted: 23:27 hrs

Incident Date: 06/09/2019

Incident Location: Incident Location: Trimbush Way, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Incident Number: 14028

Incident Type: Fire retail/public assembly P2

Initial Emergency Call Received: 22:49 hrs

Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles Attended: 30P1, Desborough, 32P3, 35P2, Rothwell, 31P1, 31C1 & 30A1 - further request for Kettering's Water Carrier

Officer(s) in Charge of Incident: Station Manager taking over from Watch Manager at Central

Time Incident Closed:


Believed Cause:

Initial Information: Initial call to fire in roof of public house, caller able to get out of property.
Building is a 2 storey public house, involved in fire, measuring 50m x 50m. Fire located on first floor area of roof. 4 main jets in use. Incident has been sectorised.
Aerial ladder platform is now being got to work.

Updated Incident Information: 00:35 - 3 main jets, 1 Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) and water carrier being got to work. Crews breaking into roof to check for fire spread and to create a fire break. Neighboring property has been checked and informed to keep windows shut. Gas, electricity and water agencies are in attendance

01:12 - Fire service still in attendance, Aerial Ladder Platform water supply being boosted by the water carrier and water relay. Roof at the rear of the premises is being stripped by crews to prevent fire spread. 1 Compressed air foam system (CAFS) pump is being got to work into roof space.

01:34 - Further knock down of fire has meant that CAFS was not needed. Gas has been isolated. 3 jets and 1 ALP in use.

02:13 - Electricity not fully isolated, Western Power will re-attend tomorrow to isolate. Good progress being made 4 jets, 1 ALP in use.

08:00 - 1 Jet still in use to damp down hot spots, Gable End being monitored. Fire-Fighting operations temporarily stopped whilst liaising with landlord.

STOP - all hot spots extinguished, reinspection will take place Sunday morning where a full survey of the property will be carried out. Fire Investigation carried out and will resume on Monday 9th September.

Public Statement Issued: People in the close vicinity of this incident have been advised to keep their windows closed due to the volume of smoke in the area.


Please note that Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service warrants that the information provided is believed accurate as at the date and time of publishing, this includes an indication of the nature of the incident, the cause motive and basic cause description. The Service reserves the right after that date to change, at its absolute discretion, the information provided in any way it chooses including but not limited to deletion and addition without further notice to you.