Culture and Fire Safety Study

What is the study about?

Each year Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service attends over 2,000 fire incidents. As part of our commitment to keeping people and places safe, we are carrying out research into how people keep themselves safe from fire. We are specifically inviting people from ethnic minority backgrounds to take part so we can better understand fire safe practices in different cultures. You can help us if…

  • You are from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background
  • You are aged 18 or over

In taking part you will help us to better tailor our advice and services to the needs of the public in the future. Imagine, your experiences, could help us to save lives!

What will it involve?

The study will involve spending 10-15 minutes on the telephone with one of our friendly researchers. This will be arranged ahead of time at a time suitable to you.

  1. Sign up in person, by post or online
  2. You will receive a reminder closer to the time
  3. Our researchers will contact you and arrange a suitable time for a telephone call
  4. Spend up to 15 minutes sharing your experience by phone with one of our friendly researchers

You will be asked about what fire safety practices you carry out, your experiences of fire in the home and whether you have received any fire safety advice.

What happens to my information?

Our research partners are University of Leicester and QA Research, an independent mresearch company. QA Research will use your contact details to carry out a telephone interview. The resulting information will be supplied in a non-identifiable format to University of Leicester for analysis. Our commitment to you:

  • Your information will be stored securely and treated as strictly confidential
  • Your information will only be used for the purposes of this study
  • You will not be identifiable in any public reports
  • You can ask to see or remove your information at any time
  • Your information will be securely destroyed once the study has finished

To view/download the Culture and Fire Safety Study leaflet, please see below:

Culture and Fire Safety Study FAQs

What is the aim of the study?

This is a unique study which aims to improve how Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service engages and communicates fire safety messages to people from Black and Asian backgrounds. It will do this by learning about you, your community and how you keep yourself and your family safe from fire.

Who is carrying out the study?

The study is led by Leicester University in partnership with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and Qa Research. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s role is to recruit participants for the study, Qa Research will be carrying out the telephone interviews and Leicester University will be conducting focus groups, analysing the results and providing training.

Who can take part in the study?

The study is open to anyone aged 18 or over who comes from a Black or Asian background, and is comfortable speaking English.

Why should I take part?

By spending up to 15 minutes sharing your experiences, you will be helping us to keep people safe in the future.

How long will it last?

The first phase consists of a 10-15 minute telephone interview during January 2019, at a time that is convenient to you. Following the call, you may be invited to take part in focus groups during February and March 2019 to talk through some of the main themes emerging from the research in a relaxed group environment.

What do I have to do?

Be available for a telephone survey at a time convenient to you in January 2019. Once you have signed up, you will receive a reminder in early January 2019. Our researchers will then contact you to arrange a time for the telephone call. Details on how to cancel an appointment will be made available closer to the time.

What questions will I be asked?

The study will seek to find out more about you, your community, how you hear about fire safety information and what you do to keep yourself safe from fire. There are no right or wrong answers, just share what you know and feel.

How do I sign up?

The sign up period is between July and December 2018. You can sign up in person with one of our fire and rescue service staff at the many community events they will be attending. Alternately, you can also sign up by calling us on 0116 287 2241 and quoting ‘Fire Safety Study’.

What happens next?

Once we have enough of a sample, our researchers from Qa Research will contact you closer to the time to remind you about the study and arrange a convenient time to call you.

What will happen to my information?

The results will be used for research purposes only and will aid our commitment to keeping people safe by improving the service we offer to the public. The information you provide will be shared with project partners Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Leicester University and Qa Research to collect and analyse the results. This learning will be used in a report and staff training however you or your comments will not be identifiable in any of these outputs. The information we collect from you is treated as strictly confidential, will be stored securely and will follow the rules of the General Data Protection Regulations. This means, at any time, you can ask to see your study information or to have it removed from our database. At the end of the study, which is December 2019, the responses to the survey and linked personal information such as name and contact details will be securely destroyed. Your privacy is important to us and we will process your personal data fairly and lawfully. See our full Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service privacy notice by clicking here.

What if I want to withdraw?

For data protection, or to withdraw consent, please contact the research coordinator, Hiren Patel, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service on  or 0116 2292084.

Want to know more about the study?

If you have a specific question not answered by our FAQs, please contact the leading researcher, Dr Christian Morgner, University of Leicester,

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