Most religions recognise the existence of other faiths and beliefs and will now often encourage and embrace co-existence.

As an employer and service provider, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service works to promote good relations among people of different faiths, including those that have no religious beliefs. The Service has taken some steps to provide facilities and support for employees and the members of the public including:

Individual Support During Working Time

Most of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service premises will have a quiet room for reflection or prayer. These quiet rooms can be used by individuals or groups of any faith, religion or belief during working hours. The rooms are also available to members of the public who may be attending any of our premises. As well as providing such space for quiet prayer, relaxation or meditation, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service will consider individual staff requests for religious related activities for different faiths, religions and beliefs.

The Chaplain Service

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service offers a Chaplain Service to support employees, whether they are practicing member of one of the world faiths or not. The Service offers help for staff in dealing with questions about religion or belief, faith and spirituality. It can also be used as ‘just someone to talk to.’

Religion or Belief of the Workforce

Religion or Belief Profile of the Workforce
  Christian Buddhist Hindu Jewish Muslim Sikh Other None Not Stated
Operational 251 0 1 1 0 2 12 190 135
Support 52 0 1 0 1 2 2 36 28
Totals 303 0 2 1 1 4 14 226 163

Christianity is currently the largest religious grouping within the Service at 42.4%. This is followed by staff with no religion at all (31.6%). There have been some significant changes to the religion or belief profile of employees when compared to the profile in 2015 and this is largely due to the improvements in employee declaration rates. In 2015, staff who did not state their religion (or lack of) accounted for 39.4%. This has dropped to 22.8% in 2017.

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