1. Apologies for absence
2. To receive declarations by members of interests in respect of items on this Agenda
3. To advise of any other items which the Chair has decided to take as urgent
4. Chair’s Announcements
5. Public Participation / CFA Rules of Procedure Rule 9 – Member Questions
6. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Combined Fire Authority held on 9 July 2015 as a correct record
7. Revised Governance Structure for the Combined Fire Authority Members are asked to note that the report on the CFA Constitution, which was scheduled for this meeting, will now be made to the December meeting. A considerable amount of work is required to amend the Contract Procedure Rules and to consider the impact of the Finance Procedure Rules arising from the new EU Regulations.
8. Director of Finance and Corporate Services
9. East Midlands Ambulance Service – verbal update
10. Medium Term Financial Plan – Presentation
11. Towards 2020: Integrated Risk Management Proposals
12. Internal Audit Charter
13. Annual Treasury Management Report 2014/15
14. Statement of Accounts and Annual Governance Statement 2014/15
15. Annual Report and Statement of Assurance 2014/15
16. Fire Control Collaboration
17. Public Consultation on Emergency Services Collaboration
18. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 9th December 2015