1. Election of Chair
2. Election of Vice Chair
3. Apologies for absence
4. To receive declarations by members of interests in respect of items on this Agenda
5. To advise of any other items which the Chair has decided to take as urgent
6. Chair’s Announcements
7. Public Participation / CFA Rules of Procedure Rule 9 – Member Questions
8. To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Combined Fire Authority held on 10
February 2016 as a correct record
9. To consider the minutes of the Corporate Governance Committee meeting held on 23rd
March 2016
10. Membership, Nominations and Appointments
11. Urgent Action Procedure and Appointment of Chief Fire and Rescue Officer
12. Appointment of the Monitoring Officer
13. Revenue and Capital Outturn 2015/16
14. Draft Efficiency Plan, 2016/17 to 2019/20
15. Braunstone Blues Partnership Agreement
16. Spending Reviews
17. Calendar of Meeting Dates for the 2016/17 Municipal Year
18. Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 29th September 2016