More than 70 Braunstone residents attended a 1950s tea party held by Braunstone Blues earlier today (Thursday 10 November).

Braunstone Blues is a team of five people from Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and East Midlands Ambulance Service, which aims to reduce the demand placed on emergency services in Braunstone.

The team was set up in 2015, following research showing that Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields Ward generated the highest amount of emergency calls for all three of the emergency services in Leicestershire.

Their aim is to create a ‘healthy, safe and secure’ community by educating and directing residents to appropriate services. They do this by offering a free home visit service to residents, which includes advice on health, fire and home safety, and by delivering appropriate campaigns and events throughout the year to help reduce the number of emergency calls received.

Edd Rodgers, manager for the Braunstone Blues team said: “Last year we were introduced to the Braunstone community at a 1940s themed launch party. It was a great success, with lots of local people having fun and joining in the singing and dancing.

“Residents were able to get to know the Braunstone Blues team and other local residents. It was a great way to get our ‘healthy, safe and secure’ messages out, so we were keen to organise another event this year.”

This year’s 1950s party was held at the Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise for residents aged over 55 with the theme of staying warm this winter.

Residents were welcomed with 1950s singing and dancing in a room decorated with props from the era.

Guests were later served a free lunch of soup and sandwiches by members of the team.

Edd added: “The 1950s party was about getting the community together in a fun way to educate them on key health and home safety messages that affect older people particularly during the winter. We hope everyone has enjoyed the party and they feel that bit more informed about local services available to them and tips to stay warm and well this winter.”

During the party guests were encouraged to speak with members of the Braunstone Blues team. The team also promoted their home visit scheme and encouraged residents to book a free 30-minute visit.

Goody bags including tips on how to keep warm this winter were given out to those that booked a home visit.

Susan Osborne a resident from Braunstone, who attended the party said: “I think it’s been a great day, the staff and presentation has been brilliant. I have never been to anything like this before, it’s just wonderful. The soup and entertainment has been great – just look at everyone getting together and dancing. I will certainly be taking away the tips of staying warm and well this winter. It is a really good idea for residents of Braunstone. I will definitely come again!”

Braunstone Blues are advising older residents of the following winter warmer tips:

– keep living rooms to 21°C (70°F) and the rest of the house heated to at least to 18°C (64°F)
– don’t block up air vents as fires and heaters need ventilation
– wear layers of clothing to keep warm and wear shoes with good grip to avoid slips and falls
– draw curtains at dusk to keep the heat in
– eat at least one hot meal every day and drink plenty of hot drinks
– use a hot water bottle to keep you warm, but be careful when filling it up
– make sure you get your flu jab free on the NHS
– stay active with gentle exercise
– visit your pharmacy early for advice about coughs and colds
– stay in contact with friends and family and make sure they are warm and well

Braunstone Blues would like to thank B-Connected, DMU Square Mile and #DMUlocal for providing the volunteers and making the event possible.

For more information on Braunstone Blues visit

If you are a resident of Braunstone and would like to book a home visit, leave a voicemail on 07800 709 802 or email them at


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1. To find out more about Braunstone Blues please contact Braunstone Blues on 07800 709 802 or
2. You can follow Braunstone Blues on social media: Facebook: @braunstoneblues Twitter: @braunstoneblues Instagram: braunstoneblues

About the Braunstone Blues

In May 2015 Braunstone Blues was established. This is a dedicated team consisting of a Watch Manager and a Community Safety Advisor from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service; Police Constable, and Police Community Support Officer, from Leicestershire Police; and a Paramedic from East Midlands Ambulance Service. The team has since extended to a second Paramedic and an Occupational Therapist.

999 demand data from all three services was analysed and it was found that the small geographical area of Braunstone produced close to 4,600 999 calls every year. This was roughly a 56% EMAS, 40% Police, and 4% Fire. The population of the area was 15,700 people living in 6,000 homes. This was shown to be the highest area of demand in all of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The team work with partners and residents of Braunstone to deliver a healthier, safer and more secure community by educating and directing residents to appropriate services via a home visit service and delivering appropriate campaigns, to reduce the number of emergency calls in the area.

There are four main streams of work for Braunstone Blues; Home Visits, Community Events, working with high demand users and running Life Skills sessions in the community.

Jessica Essex
Braunstone Blues Communications Officer
07966 111 273

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