Issued on: Thursday 9 November 2023

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service are proud to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art mobilising system. This will help to increase the speed, effectiveness and resilience of its incident response, incorporating all existing and future requirements needed to continually improve the critical system.

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Callum Faint, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, stated “This investment in the latest mobilising system is a significant step forward in our commitment to create ‘Safer People and Safer Places.” He continued “Our control room is integral to our emergency response capabilities; call handlers operate in fast-moving and uncertain environments. They need to be able to gather vital information when a member of the public has made an emergency call and quickly relay the details to response teams, to help to ensure their safety as they work to protect the public.”

The new mobilising system, obtained from cutting-edge technology provider Motorola Solutions, represents a major advancement in our emergency response capabilities. The hosted solution enables the control room to build a clear picture of events with multiple data sources, including real-time data from devices in the field and uses VideoManager for effective bulk data storage. It actively supports easier data sharing and flexible operational practices, improving collaboration and mutual aid between fire services during spate conditions, where many calls are received simultaneously across multiple locations.

This system is planned to go live in summer 2024 and Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service will continue to work closely with Motorola Solutions to ensure the success of this project.



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About the Service

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service provides emergency response, prevention and protection services from 20 stations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Its headquarters is based in Birstall, Leicester.

During 2021/22, we attended a total of 8,259 emergency incidents, including 1,968 fires and 707 road traffic collisions. A total of 12,938 Home Safety Checks were completed and we fitted 3,546 smoke alarms. 233 schools were visited as part of the Service’s schools programme, delivering fire and road safety education to 6,724 pupils.

The Service’s prevention, education, enforcement and inspection programmes have resulted in significant reductions in the number of incidents attended.



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