Rudolph has become a popular figure in the local communities in Leicester since he made his first appearance in 1949 and, he has gone on to help raise more than £300,000 over the years for a number of charities (with the help of volunteers and firefighters). During his time he has had a few make overs to keep him going and now, he is looking better than he ever has.


Last year, they managed to raise a huge amount of money which was shared amongst:

  • Adapt
  • Friends of Sycamore Court
  • Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association
  • Leicestershire Down’s Syndrome Group
  • Leicester Children’s Holidays
  • Vista
  • When You Wish Upon a Star

All the charities were very grateful for the money they received and are now able to put this into helping out the people who need it.

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It may seem tempting to cool off by swimming in inland water ⚠️⛔️

You can see in this video that there can be hidden dangers under the water that can cause serious injuries.

LFRSRudolph photo
With the hot weather forecast this week. You could lose your Dog in under 10 minutes! Please share this with as many people as possible. Thank you
LFRSRudolph photo
Great start to the week with a visit to @LeicsFireRescue to meet wellbeing dog Ronnie who supports fire service personnel LFRSRudolph photo
Reaching a crossroads is never easy but the decision had to be made. Myself and Dexter will be retiring from @DerbyshireFRS in May LFRSRudolph photo
If you see a Guide Dog on an escalator, please be patient.

Guide dogs are taught how to get on & disembark an escalator to keep them safe. Any unexpected movements could result in an accident for either of us.

Even after a long day, look how concentrated @Kika_GuideDog is ⬇️⬇️
LFRSRudolph photo