We keep the public informed about major events and incidents involving the service. We do this via news and media releases and by publishing up to date emergency information about latest incidents.

Information, guidance and publications aimed at keeping our communities safe can be found in the In An Emergency and Your Safety (At HomeAt WorkOut and About and Road Safety) areas of our website. Further information, specific for younger people, can be found in the Youth and Kids area.

When we attend an incident, a fire report is prepared by the attending officer. Sometimes you may need a copy of a fire report, for example when making an insurance claim. These reports are available at a cost of £74 and authorisation is always required from the owner of the property. Reports are also available for non-fire related incidents that we attend, such as road traffic collisions. These are less detailed and cost £55.20.

If you wish to submit a request for a report, fill in an online form, or contact us.

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