The Constitution of the CFA sets out the rules for the CFA’s business.

This includes information on the constitutional framework and procedural rules, as well as the Member’s Code of Conduct and financial specified amounts.

Read our current and previous Annual Governance Statements within our Annual Statement of Accounts.

Pension Board

The Government Pensions Regulator requires up to date information relating to public service pension schemes to be published. This is so scheme members and interested parties know that their scheme is being managed effectively. This information includes:

  • who the pension board members are
  • representation on the pension board
  • matters for which the pension board is responsible
  • the pension board’s terms of reference
  • the pension board appointment process
  • who each pension board member represents
  • employment and job title (where relevant) and any other relevant position held by each board member
  • any specific roles and responsibilities of individual pension board members

All scheme members and staff who are eligible to be automatically enrolled into the scheme, as well as other interested parties (including prospective members who are not eligible to be automatically enrolled into the scheme and those who have opted out of membership) can request information on the pension scheme by contacting the scheme manager, Colin Sharpe. For more information on the pension board, see the Overview of Key Bodies Responsible for Firefighters and Terms of Reference.