Our Champions are our visible leaders who champion the agenda of promoting equality and diversity within and outside of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.  They Champion equality considerations at decision making level and encourage the workforce and the community to embrace equality and diversity.

The role of our Champions includes the following;

  • Recognise that diversity and equality are intrinsic to the success and performance of the organisation.
  • Challenge and overcome obstacles in mainstreaming equality.
  • Place a high value on diversity and fairness.
  • Work to remove any barriers that may impede progress around all aspects of equality and diversity.
  • Actively support efforts to make Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland inclusive.
  • Regularly communicate the benefits of diversity and the organisation’s successes at every opportunity.

Pictures and comments from CFO/Andrew Brodie as the “Senior Campion” and Councilor Betty Newton as the “Diversity Champion”