Recruitment and staff retention policies

The following policies will give potential applicants additional information relating to the Services approach to promoting equality for everyone including people with disabilities. LFRS will take steps to make reasonable for people with disabilities during the recruitment and selection, promotion and retention of staff.

Recruitment and Selection policy

The Service recognises the value of employing people with the best range of skills, knowledge and experience and has therefore devised a policy that promotes fairness in its recruitment practices while acknowledging any underrepresentation in the workforce.

Supervisory and Middle managers promotion process

This procedure outlines the process used to determine the most suitable personnel for promotion into a Supervisory or Middle Managerial role. The service positively encourages staff, irrespective of disability, to apply for promotion opportunities that arise within the service.

Other leave policy

Provides the procedure regarding leave for other reasons such as compassionate leave, interviews, maternity/paternity leave, inclement weather, jury service etc.

Flexible working policy

This policy and associated procedures have been created as part of the Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service’s aim to support staff in balancing their work and personal commitments irrespective and will take into account an individual’s personal circumstances including disabilities.

Maternity and Paternity leave

The purpose of this procedure is to complement the provisions set out in the Maternity Information Pack, a copy of which will be provided to all employees who are expecting or adopting a baby.

Skills for life training policy

Government has recognised that, within the National workforce, there is a shortfall in numeracy and literacy skills. LFRS has taken steps to provide opportunities for employees that want to improve their numeracy and literacy skills

Bullying and harassment

Any conduct which is unwanted, and causes the person on the receiving end to feel humiliated, intimidated or distressed, can be regarded as harassment or bullying. This covers behaviour or language that relates to an individual’s disability.

Related documents

This section provides a range of Leicestershire Fire and Rescue documents that have an impact on disability related equality. You will find our equality scheme and equalities annual report which contains information relating to age and how it reflects on service provision and the workforce.


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