Straight Allies are people who do not identify as LGBT but have an interest in promoting LGBT equality.

They play a critical role in creating gay-friendly workplaces. Their involvement can have a transformative effect on the culture of an organisation and the workplace experience of both gay and straight members of staff.

At Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Straight Allies will:

  • Champion and promote LGBT equality
  • Be a listening ear to work colleagues that may want to talk to someone
  • Challenge homophobic language and behaviour in the work place
  • Raise awareness of LGBT issues with straight work colleagues in an informal way
  • Support the Services LGBT based events
  • Andy Parkin
    Andy Parkin
  • Dave Everett
    Dave Everett
  • Lindsey Peel
    Lindsey Peel
  • Mpazi Siame
    Mpazi Siame