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We are at @lutterworthcollege for the Rotary Club Halloween run! Pop down and say hello! LFRSLutterworth photo
Dealing with emergency vehicles at a roundabout is simple if you know what to do. Our #BlueLightAware video tells you just what to do and how to respond. Remember.. where there is one.. there may be another. #ProjectEDWARD LFRSLutterworth photo
Michael joined Claire and Liz to share safety tips on staying warm

Check heaters for any damage before use

Make sure they are kept away from curtains and furniture

Check electric blankets for any damage

Never use a hot water bottle in the same bed as an electric blanket
LFRSLutterworth photo
We have the ability to create complex layouts in
our appliance bay by using obstacles and fencing
to make the scenario more realistic and test the
wearers mental maps of where they have been
and where they need to get to.
This training scenario consisted of a crew of 4
being sent off station whilst a BA scenario was set
up. The crew was then 'turned out' to the scenario
with only the information they would have available
from Control.
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