Our Purpose

At the heart of everything we do as a Service and what we are all working towards is our purpose Safer People, Safer Places. Our aim is to:

  • prevent incidents from happening
  • limit their impact when they do happen
  • respond in the right way at the right time when we’re needed

We want our staff, partners and communities to work for, with and alongside us to create safer people and safer places.

Our Values and Behaviours

The values and behaviours of the Service should reflect how our people actually feel about working within Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

The Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services recommended that the service should ensure its values and behaviours are understood and demonstrated at all levels of the organisation.

An initiative was undertaken in 2019 which included a number of activities designed to provide all members of staff the opportunity to contribute towards establishing an agreed set of values and behaviours for the Service which included workshop events, a staff survey and advocates seeking the views of staff.

The outcome of these activities was the behaviours our staff most commonly admired and what we will strive to be is:

Our Purpose, Values and Behaviours

Additional attributes and meanings for each behaviour were identified for clarity. These were:


Competent, Reliable, Respectful


Constructive, Confident, Enthusiastic


Truthful, Trustworthy, Fair

These will become what we are and will be embedded throughout the Service by positively influencing recruitment, promotion, appraisals and performance management.