Alcohol and drug use is a major cause of accidents and accidental injury. The presence of alcohol and drugs in the body has been shown to increase the severity of injuries from accidents.

More than 50% of fire fatalities within the home involve drink or drug-related behaviour. The fire and rescue service, in partnership with other agencies, works to identify vulnerable people at risk of causing accidental fires in the home due to their drug or alcohol use.

Alcohol and Drug Use
Alcohol and Drug Use

Physical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Use

  • Drink and drugs lower people’s ability to resist harming themselves when they have problems.
  • Drink and drugs can lower people’s inhibitions against hurting others.
  • Many serious accidents are drink and drug related.
  • There are long-term health risks.
  • Many drug and alcohol users are also vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and may have underlying mental health issues.

How We Can Help?

  • One of the key things we can do as a Service is to ensure there are working smoke alarms in the property. We can fit these free of charge and provide residents with potentially life-saving fire safety advice.
  • A working smoke alarm will give you early warning of a fire and vital minutes to escape although, it may be harder for people to respond quickly in an emergency if they have been drinking or taking drugs.
  • We can visit people in their homes in confidence and discuss the services that we can provide to make them safer in case of fire. We will also refer issues to our other partners in order that they can assist.
  • For further information contact us on 0116 287 2241 or visit our Contact Us page.

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