Fire Service Consultation (B5 Access Facilities to Domestic Properties)

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service do not consult on plans or provide direct comment on access facilities for new domestic building developments.

In order to maintain public safety on any proposed sites, developers and architects are reminded of the need to comply with Building Regulations 2010 Approved Document B, Volume 1: Dwelling (2019 edition), Requirement B5: Access and facilities for the fire service. To view this document, please click here.

Please note: site planning maps are not required to be sent through for approval.

A guidance document, produced by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service helps to highlight the importance of adherence to effective access arrangements for fire appliances. The document informs planners and developers of the minimum requirements that should be incorporated to allow access for modern fire appliances.

The document also contains general guidance for planners and developers covering firefighting water supplies such as hydrants, open water for and sprinkler systems.

The document can be found below: