Our current primary schools programme has been running since 2002 and we are very proud of it. We have had a fantastic reception from school staff and students and we know that the children are spreading the message and teaching the adults. We are also excited to announce that from September 2019 we are rolling out two new presentations!

The programme is delivered by our Community Educators which avoids the risk of sessions being disrupted by emergency call-outs, and ensures a fair and equal service across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Our aim is to visit each child in our service area, at least twice in their school career.

We offer annual visits (or bi-annual for small schools) free of charge to all state and independent schools, at Key Stage 1 and 2. Every academic year our educators visit over 300 schools and colleges and over 30,000 children. There are two levels of fire safety sessions, aimed at Year 1 and 5 pupils.

We aim to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of fire safety and to provide them with survival skills in the event of a fire. We emphasise the need to pass on what they have learned to their families. Also, at year 5, we try to teach students the possible consequences of deliberate fire setting and making hoax 999 calls. Some basic road safety points are also incorporated into all presentations and the follow-up activities.

The sessions are designed to be interactive and use a variety of resources and visual aids. We have provided follow-up work which can be downloaded to reinforce the teaching points.

Year 1 Session 

  • What do firefighters do?
  • Hot things – spot the hazard
  • Don’t play with matches
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Crawling low in smoke and smoke alarms
  • Dexter and Freddie fire plan cartoon
  • Road safety (in car safety and safety near roads)

Follow up work Safety Booklet and Frances the Firefly Booklet.

Year 5 Session

  • Escape plans and smoke alarms
  • Causes of fire
  • 999 calls / hoax calls
  • Storyboard – deliberate fire setting
  • DVD excerpt: Bedroom Fire
  • Road safety: pedestrian and bike helmets
  • Water safety- inland and at the sea side

Follow up work Safety Booklet.

Please note that our Schools Programme does not normally include a fire appliance visit by an operational crew. If your school wishes to request such a visit, please write to our Service Headquarters. Your request will then be forwarded to your local fire and rescue station for consideration.

In some circumstances we are willing to give lessons or presentations to other year groups if time allows. For example we can support the delivery of the fire safety element of the GCSE science syllabus. Key Stage 3 (Year 7/8) sessions may also be available on request. What may be covered can be seen in the Fire Safety booklet shown below:

Follow up work from Highfields Primary School

Look at this fantastic follow up work we received from the and Year 5 children at Highfields Primary School!  They’ve certainly learnt a lot from our visit!

Follow up work from Sandfield Close Primary School

Look at this fantastic follow up work we received from the Year 1 and Year 5 children at Sandfield Close Primary School!  They’ve certainly learnt a lot from our visit!