If you are having a bonfire to get rid of garden waste, please consider alternatives such as composting or storing your waste until you are able to get rid of it using your refuse collection services. Burning waste should be a last resort.

Please also consider your neighbours who may have underlying health issues which could be affected by smoke as well as the environment around you.

If you are still going to have a bonfire, please contact our Fire Control team to let them know as this will prevent us mobilising crews to you unnecessarily and remember to:

  • Use an incinerator bin and keep any bonfires away from sheds, trees, fences, and any other areas which could easily catch fire

  • Make sure to check for any overhead items, such as power lines

  • Avoid the use of any accelerants, such as petrol or paraffin

  • Keep children and pets inside

  • Don’t leave fires unattended and keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby


Dial 999 if your bonfire becomes unmanageable.