Platinum Jubilee Beacons – Advice and Guidance

More than 1,500 beacons will be lit in June to commemorate the 70th year of The Queen’s reign.

The official Platinum Jubilee website outlines everything you may need to know regarding the celebrations, with information on different types of beacons and how to stay safe from fire.

We recommend that you only attend official beacon lighting events, for your own safety.

If you are going to light your own beacon or have a bonfire at home for the jubilee, please remember:


  • Keep structures away from any fences, trees or buildings
  • Have a minimum of two people supervising bonfires to maintain safety
  • Do not light beacons or bonfires in high winds
  • Do not use accelerants such as paraffin or petrol
  • Keep means of extinguishing a fire nearby (e.g buckets of water, hosepipe)
  • Never leave a beacon or a bonfire unattended
  • Be careful not to build bonfires in advance, as these can be a target for arson.

If you are using a gas fuelled beacon:

  • Make sure to light/extinguish it following manufacturer’s instructions
  • If a cylinder is involved in fire, get out of the way and call 999 immediately.

If you are lighting fireworks, please don’t forget:

  • Always follow the instructions
  • Never go back to a lit firework
  • Keep pets safe indoors
  • If clothes set on fire, remember – stop, drop and roll.

If you think a fire is out of control, dial 999 immediately. Using What3Words can help us to pinpoint locations quicker.