What is BikerDown!?

Many motorcyclists ride in groups or pairs, so it is often the case that when one is involved in an accident the first person in attendance will often be a fellow biker. BikerDown is a FREE three hour course for all bikers, giving them an awareness of the dangers at a crash scene, how to deal with a casualty and, how to increase visibility to other road users. For more information, please download the guide below:

 ‘DO IT FOR DAVE’ is a campaign that tells the story of Dave, a biker who survived a cardiac arrest thanks to the actions of those around who attended our BikerDown course.

Copy of #DoItForDave Logo (Instagram Post)

The training course for motorcyclists will be presented by a fully trained member of the Firebike team and will include:

1. Accident Scene Management

On-scene management advice and personal safety, for a biker who comes across an RTC involving a motorcyclist. This covers initial considerations, including their own thought process to assess the most appropriate action to take in order to protect themselves and other road users at the scene, an order of actions and instruction on management of resources available (i.e. other witnesses). Information they should gather to assist attending Emergency Service Personnel.

2. First Aid for Motorcyclists

  • Trauma and mechanism of injury
  • Snatch rescues
  • Why when and how
  • Basic life support
  • CPR
  • Managing spinal injuries and crash helmet removal – when and how.

3. The Science of Being Seen

  • Conspicuity, how effective hi–viz clothing really is
  • Use of conspicuity clothing and hi-viz aids
  • Phenomena such as motion camouflage and looming
  • Pre-ride checks

Why Should I Attend?

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle then this course is a MUST! It will give you knowledge and skills that you can use if you come across a road traffic collision, and the potential to make a real difference and save lives. It’s FREE and on completion you will receive a certificate and a motorcycle first aid kit.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can apply for a place on the FREE three hour, training programme by filling in a booking form that can be found below. The next available dates are: 

For more information, please contact a member of the Road Safety Team by emailing Bikerdown@leics-fire.gov.uk or calling 0116 287 2241.