What is the FireBike?

The FireBike is a Triumph 1000cc Sprint that has been resprayed and liveried up in the same colours and decals as our fire appliances.
Although it is not officially a response vehicle, it carries a comprehensive first aid kit in case one of the fully trained riders comes across an accident involving a motorcycle and can provide first aid intervention.

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Why has the FireBike been launched and what do we plan to do with it?

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service have been successful in educating young and new drivers of cars and now have the capability to engage with the biking community in a bid to reduce the disproportionate numbers of bikers involved in serious accidents on the roads across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The FireBike, acting as an engagement tool, will attend race and track day events, biker groups, biker meets and biker social venues to talk about personal protective equipment and how further rider training can improve their riding skills, making them a safer and more competent rider. We will also use these engagements as an opportunity to promote the BikerDown! training programme.

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