CarFrontGraphicsmAbout the VF4

The VF4 is a regular Ford Focus ST with a difference; it is a state-of-the-art car crash simulator, bristling with technology.


The occupants will experience the horrors of a road traffic collision, in a controlled environment, and the consequences associated with driving too fast and irresponsibly. After experiencing the VF4 package, young drivers will have a better understanding of the very real risks associated with driving or travelling in a vehicle that is being driven by a person who takes unnecessary risks. To create the VF4’s distinctive styling we took an unassuming silver Ford Focus ST and created a sleek urban monster – guaranteed to grab the attention of our target audience.

The Mods

  • Calibre Rapide matt black alloy wheels
  • Mongoose Exhaust – Non resonated centre section, rear silencer – 100mm jet tailpipe 9Slash ST Catback Exhaust)
  • A cutting-edge Alpine Mobile Media Station
  • An Alpine PDX-F6 Series Amp and an Alpine PDX-M12 Series Amp
  • Three Alpine 10.2” DVD screens
  • Two 10” Alpine speakers
  • Two 12” sub-woofers
  • LED underskirt lighting
  • Four remote-controlled hydraulic pistons to control the ride of the car during the experience
  • A custom body kit, side skirts and a spoiler
  • Dropped suspension
  • A custom full body wrap in matt black and gloss orange

We want to reach as many young drivers as possible with this unique educational resource, so if you want to book the VF4 or to find out more, please get in touch